Founded in 1929 by 99 Licensed Women Pilots for the Mutual Support and Advancement of Aviation.



  • Camaraderie among fellow female aviators and student pilots of all backgrounds.

  • Aviation Related Goals.

  • Aviation Related Careers.



  • Support for Girls/Women interested in aviation.

  • Networking Opportunities.

  • Guidance and Understanding.

  • Scholarship Opportunities.



  • Female Aviatrix History.

  • Knowledge and Passion for aviation.

  • Organizational History.

Call us at 1-844-994-1929                                                                            NYNJ99s@gmail.com
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We are located throughout 

NY, NJ, and PA

There are additional chapters throughout the United States and abroad

We always GoodSearch and GoodShop for the Ninety Nines - 99's Endowment Fund International Organization of Woman Pilots

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