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MEMORIAL DAY on the Intrepid

The New Jersey and Greater New York Chapters were invited to the Memorial Day Ceremony held at The Intrepid Museum on Pier 86 in New York City, May 27, 2024. The solemn ceremony honored the fallen women and men of the United States Armed Forces, a testament to the enduring legacy of those who served, and the significance of freedom. Speakers included Susan Marenoff-Zausner, President of The Intrepid Museum, notably, the first woman in the 42-year history of the institution to hold the position, Four Star Navy Admiral Daryl Lane Caudle, 35th commander of United States Fleet Forces, and New York Mayor Eric Adams. After the final wreath laying and standing for the former crew members of The Intrepid, the members toured the ship and visited with representatives of the different military organizations.


Congratulations to Deb Henneberry for her contribution to the groundbreaking book, "Aviation Workforce Planning: The Artificial Intelligence and Competency-Based Era"! Her efforts will be a valuable resource for the industry navigating this exciting new era.

Kiwanis Kids Day at LGA

Greater New York Chapter Secretary Bev Weintraub (center), New Jersey Chapter member Phyllis Kollar (left) and Capital Region Treasurer Linda Cioffi at Kiwanis Kids' Day at LaGuardia Airport on May 4. Bev flew into LGA in her Piper Archer and Linda flew in in her Cessna 182. Click through the slideshow to see Bev's Archer and a Navy AWACS plane, and taxiing on the ramp with a Delta jet!


Members of the Greater New York chapter got together for drinks, apps and airplane talk at Ragtrader in midtown Manhattan!

Ny-NJ 99s at CAE!

At the end of Women in Aviation week, members of our section toured the CAE facilities in Whippany, NJ. Founded in 1947, CAE makes simulators and provides pilot training to airlines, businesses, manufacturers and defense companies. We had a blast!! Thank you to the CAE Team for the unforgettable experiences!

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