Current Events

2019 NEST Scholarship

January 15, 2019


The New York/New Jersey Section NEST Scholarship is awarded to a female pilot or female student pilot in recognition of her earnest desire to further her aviation achievements. Application must be postmarked no later than March 31, 2019.


Fall 2018 Section Meeting

October 1, 2018


Poughkeepsie, NY — The New York/New Jersey Section Fall 2018 Section meeting was held on Saturday, September 29


International Conference

July 8, 2018


Philadelphia, PA — The New York/New Jersey Section was well represented at this year's international conference. This was the first year the conference featured a job fair, which was hugely successful and will be repeated.


Air Race Classic Essay Winner

June 18, 2018


Avon, NY — Congratulations to Samantha Horne of the Finger Lakes Chapter. Samantha was a first time racer essay contest winner. We are proud of your accomplishments!


NY-NJ Ninety Nines Spring Section Meeting

April 20, 2017


Hamilton, NY — Once again, a wonderful and productive section meeting took place, with a special guest appearance by Dawn Seymour, WASP (we helped her celebrate her 100th birthday), and a fantastic presentation by Naomi Wadsworth.  Thank you 99's for the great turnout.


Samantha Horne earns Instrument Rating


Samantha Horne of Finger Lakes Chapter Ninety-Nines earned an Instrument rating on her pilot certificate January 7, 2017. To obtain her Instrument Rating, Samantha passed an oral and a flight exam with a Federal Aviation Administration designated flight examiner. Samantha, a resident of Avon, NY, completed her flight training at Sporty's Academy, located at the Clermont County Airport.


Diana Abela earns Helicopter License


Congrats to Greater New York Chapter member Diane Abela, who earned her helicopter license in January 2017.


Qantas Introduces Female Pilot Uniforms

By Russ Niles /; May 1, 2016


If the lure of adventure and faraway places isn't enough to attract women to the cockpit, at least one airline is hoping that appealing to their fashion sense will. Qantas Airlines has introduced its newly designed pilot uniforms and for the first time there are designs specifically tailored for women. Oh, they still have to wear ties (they're female-only ties, though) and military-style hats, but the new uniforms are a big improvement over the truncated men's wear that have hung in female pilots' closets for decades. "It is a really big change," A330 Capt. Debbie Slade told the Sydney Morning Herald. "Especially for the females, it has got a little bit of shape and it is made to fit girls rather than girls wearing a boy's uniform."

WASP from South Bristol still carrying banner for female World War II pilots

By Julie Sherwood   Jun. 6, 2015


June 6, 1944, marked a turning point in World War II as about 160,000 Allied troops stormed a handful of beaches along the coast of Normandy, France.


Known as D-Day, the battle fought 71 years ago today against choppy seas and heavy German resistance gave America and its allies the foothold needed to end the war’s European conflict in the spring of 1945.


While 16 million Americans served in the war, which officially ended with the surrender of Japan in September 1945, fewer than 1 million of those Americans are alive today. By 2036, no living veterans of World War II are expected to be left. With so little time remaining to hear first hand from those who served, efforts to share the memories of the Greatest Generation have become more pronounced.


Dawn Rochow Balden Seymour of South Bristol is one of those Americans.

I Did It: Heather Howley’s helicopter business is soaring

Cari Scribner/Women@Work; Friday, February 20, 2015


Business is literally taking off for Heather Howley. As CEO and lead pilot for Independent Helicopters, LLC, operating out of Newburgh and Saratoga Springs, Howley is confidently leading the charge with flying colors.

The story of how this 32-year-old, who still gets carded when buying lottery tickets, launched the thriving company begins with a case of wanderlust.

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