Gathered here is a collection of safety videos and links to help brush off the dust as needed and to help us all be/and stay safe effective pilots.

Flying the Weather: T-storm Toolbox 
brought to you by AOPA Live


AOPA President Mark Baker and AOPA Foundation President Bruce Landsberg discuss some of the strategies they used to navigate around thunderstorms during a recent flight.

Ask ATC: WX Deviating
brought to you by AOPA Live


How can I deviate for weather?

Runway Safety: Providence, R.I 
brought to you by AOPA Live


On Dec. 6, 1999, UA 1448 made one wrong turn while taxiing in severely reduced visibility. It became the first link in a chain of mistaken assumptions by its crew and the tower controller.

VFR into IMC; 178 Seconds to Live
brought to you by AOPA Live


Don't get lured into the trap.

Flying the Weather: Picking up ice 
brought to you by AOPA Live


AOPA Pilot editor Tom Horne discusses the progression of clues to help you determine if you're starting to pick up ice.

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